Photography | A Few More Rats

Using the 50mm lens again to get some photos of Snowy and Smokey, I’d like to see more sharpness around the nose, perhaps it’s because they move so fast. The photo on the camera’s screen also tends to look better than on the computer.

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Photography | Night Sky

IMG_8389 copy

One of my first attempts at capturing the night sky using an exposure time of around 20 minutes. Camera used was a Canon 1000D with a Sigma 20mm-300mm lens and shutter remote. Check out some stunning photographs of the night sky over at 500px, which are a million times better!

You can see more of my photography at DeviantArt and Flickr

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Photography | Playing With Light

Experimenting with long exposure, fairy lights and a bokeh kit
One of these photographs was also used by a design company based in Germany, to be used on a poster for Siemens